Do you have a question about renting your property or need an opinion about property buying and selling?

You may be a first-time property buyer excited about life in your new home, but seeking answers to those endless questions that arise due to lack of knowledge and information, or you may want to add another property to your portfolio and need an expert opinion about investing right in the property market.

At Atwel James, we are happy to answer all your property-related questions in our House Doctor service. House Doctor is the latest addition to our list of existing services for clients looking for renting, buying or selling their property.

Through this service, we aim at answering all your property-related questions in the shortest possible timeframe. Billy, your house doctor and our in-house property expert have gained several years of experience working with leading property agencies. Billy, the House Doctor is one of our senior colleagues and will help you quickly resolve queries.

Your questions may be based on finding the right tenant or help with any tenant issues, rental appraisal, property valuation, mortgages, HMO or property sales related issues; we guarantee honest opinion and answers to all your questions so you can make the best move. We have years of expertise in this field, guarantee your confidentiality and quick answers to your questions.

Contact us today for a friendly chat and expert opinion on any property-related question.

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