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There are several advantages of using a letting agent when looking for a property.

A good letting agent is an expert in finding a property and possesses a thorough knowledge of the local areas they serve. This is invaluable in saving you time and effort and key to finding the right property within the pressures of a strict time frame. Letting agents also act as a facilitator between you and your landlord if a problem arises during the tenancy.

Choosing the right letting agent

While most tenants focus solely on choosing the right property; it is equally important to choose the right letting agent. A small amount of preparation and research can help in the long run and ensure your hunt for the property ends well!

Atwel James will save you time by showing only those properties that are the closest match to your requirements in terms of your budget, location preference, and amenities.

Choosing the area you’d like to live in

We suggest you do some research and figure out the specific areas you’d like to rent in. Making a list of your preferences like transport links, proximity to schools, access to shops and using these as a guide can narrow down your property search results. After you have identified and shared your list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’ with us, we can start working for you and arrange for viewings.

Property Viewing

The lettings business is incredibly fast moving; a good property is always in demand and rent offers are often made immediately. So we suggest you be available for viewings and be as flexible as possible. You could sometimes miss out on good properties if you can’t make yourself available within 24 hours of the agent contacting you!

We understand, you may have preferences in terms of room size or furniture and fixtures, but don’t necessarily be put off by the details on the property. If you aren’t happy with anything on the property that needs to be changed, modified or fixed, feel free to discuss with us. We, in turn, can check with the landlords for accommodating your requests whenever possible. We can also assist with the tenancy agreement and explain the particulars, should you need help.

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