Atwel James Estate Agents provides our tenants the chance to take out the ‘all bills inclusive’ option when they agree to let a property and this is an ideal way for tenants to budget on a monthly basis, this is subject to landlord acceptance and terms and conditions would be applicable.
The All Bills Inclusive Package usually includes Electric, Gas, Water, TV, Broadband and Line Rental.

All payments are fixed per person per week.

If the utility bills form part of your rental amount then these charges will be subject to our fair and acceptable usage policy and this will ensure that usage is not excessively high and therefore remains at a reasonable figure and within the allowances as agreed. The allowances are considered generous and this means that they should not be exceeded especially if caution is taken when using energy.

Atwel James would provide you with a list that shows maximum energy usage per year, however, if the tenancy agreement is for less than a year then the maximum energy usage figures will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis. Should your usage go above the agreed limit then the landlord has the right to charge for exceeding the allowance.


Wi-Fi Broadband may also be included within your bills. The wi-fi is usually standard broadband and it comes with unlimited usage and speeds depend on the local exchange. The service should be stable throughout the whole day and there should be no throttling of the speed which means that the speed will remain constant.

By signing up to the ‘All Bills Inclusive’ option you will be subject to terms and conditions of the relevant suppliers.

If you have problems with your broadband or you want to set it up then please refer to the suppliers instruction booklet. However, if problems still persist and your internet is not working then you can contact the supplier directly.