If you are a full-time student and you currently live with other full-time students, then the property you live in will be exempt from council tax but you will have to register for your exemption. Atwel James Estate Agents are on hand to assist you in any possible way should you have any issues or queries, however, it will remain your responsibility to ensure that you apply for the relevant exemption.

You are expected to provide the council with proof that you are in full-time education and this can be achieved by supplying them with the Student Council Tax forms that you will receive from the Student Welfare Office or Student Services department at your university or college.

For council tax purposes being a full-time student does come with a very specific definition. This means that your course has to last a minimum of one academic or calendar year and therefore, the course lasts for at least 24 weeks out of the entire year. The course also has to include a minimum of 21 hours of study or work experience per week.

For those students who are under 20 years old and are studying for their A levels or NVQ level 3 or equivalent then their course should last a minimum of three months with at least 12 hours of study per week.

If there is someone who lives in your household who is not in full-time education and do not meet the above criteria then you could be liable for council tax. However, the household may still qualify for a discount.

If you do not meet the criteria, it is not possible to claim exemption from council tax. This is the case even if your course is classed as full-time by your institution. Your students’ union or institution will be able to offer you advice should you have any uncertainties.