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How to Support an NGO

Irrespective of the cause the NGO is working for, every NGO always finds themselves in the dearth of manpower, funds and support.

So if you have some time to spare, then you can always do your part in supporting the NGO as much as you can – be it with your physical presence, monetarily or with your innovative ideas.

So if you are wondering the best ways to support an NGO whose cause you deeply relate to, then here are some ways.

Fundraising for the NGO

The NGO may have many plans to do more good for the cause they are working towards but minimal funds on their hand to implement the strategies. So you can help to raise funds for a specific project they are working on or as a general donation to the NGO.

If you are good at conversations and have excellent people skills, then you can start raising funds for the cause from your friends, relatives, neighbours and further expand it to your acquaintances. Every single penny you raise will be valuable for the NGO and make a difference to their efforts.

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Donate Your Time

Volunteering with NGOs is a fulfilling experience and once you get the taste of it, there is no turning back. Most NGOs are always short of manpower to help them out and the few days or even a few hours you can lend your hand with their efforts will be of great help to them.
You can leverage your talents and help them out in any way you can. NGOs cannot have people working for them in all of the departments or designations and therefore, talk with them and see how they can use your skill with their organization.

For example, if you are a marketing person, you can help them with promotions and if you into IT services, then you can help them on the software side. If you are a lawyer, you can consult with the legal matter and if you are a doctor, you can offer free sessions. Similarly, use your talent, spare some time and fill in their needs.

Donate Charity Calendars

Many NGOs print out calendars with the help of printing service provider as a thank you to some of their significant contributors. This also serves as a reminder and an acknowledgement for the persons and can even double up as a promotional piece that can remind the people to contribute more when the situation arises.

You can take responsibility for creating, printing and donating the charity calendars from your side. All you need to find out is a good calendar printing company and sit down and create a simple design and you are good to go. This will spare them from finding a sound designer, searching for a printing company and spending the funds for it.

Collect More Support

Once you start actively participating in the activities of the NGO, you will know how shorthanded they are at most times. Therefore, you can spread the word about all the good deeds the NGO is doing and involve more like-minded people to become part of the NGO. The more support they get, the better it is and the more word-of-the-mouth publicity they get.
Therefore, try to get more such people to do a small part for the NGO either in terms of money or terms of volunteering.

Support Financially

When you have a few bucks to spare, donate it! It may seem like a small amount to you, but it is a tiny step above for the NGO to reach their goal or complete the project they are working on. When you directly donate to the NGO without any intermediate third-parties, they get the full benefit of it.

If you are confused about how you can help the NGO, sit down with any of the employees in the NGO and find out where they need your help the most.

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