There are several Landlord Associations that landlords can be affiliated with, we have compiled a list of a few that landlords could consider joining:

The Residential Landlords Association membership

This is a national organisation that has been set up in order to support, train and offer advice to landlords and tenants. We believe that this membership proves that we are committed to working professionally and to the standards that our clients expect.

There is a redress system available to tenants via the organisation.

The Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme

The Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme (RLAAS) is a nations Scheme that operates throughout Wales and England.  The scheme encourages and promotes extremely high standards of rental properties.

The National Landlords Association Accredited Member

Nationally, this is an organisation that carries a large amount of respect within the private rented sector. The organisation offers support, advice and training to tenants and landlords and through being a member it highlights our desire to raise professional standards as well as development.

There is a redress system available to tenants via the organisation.

Manchester Student Homes Accreditation Scheme Membership

This is a voluntary accreditation scheme and it enables landlords to sign up to their code of conditions.  Every year, the organisation carries out inspections of properties in order to make sure that they are meeting their high standards and expectations. Through our membership, we strive to meet the standards and professionalism that is expected of us and our properties.

North West Landlords Association Membership

This is a local organisation that is well established and its main function it to help support, train and provide advice to landlords so that they are aware of any new legislation as well as changes. Our membership demonstrates that we are committed to providing a service that comes with a high standard of professionalism and care for our industry.

The organisation has a redress system that is available to tenants.

Redress Schemes

Every Estate Agent must be a member of a Property Redress Scheme. Atwel James Estate Agents are members of The Property Ombudsman redress scheme. Details of Atwel James Estate Agents’ membership can be found online by visiting The Property Ombudsman’s website.