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Ask an Atwel James agent to produce the most accurate free property valuation for you. Our agents inspect your property, taking into account all of its unique features, the area, transport links and the market conditions.

It’s not possible to guarantee precisely what your house will eventually be sold for as it is often a bartering process between the buyer and the seller which may change due to timings, fixtures, and fittings or other requests/details. It is, therefore, in the hands of your property buyer, among other key factors. However, Atwel James can do the property valuation for free and offer you with an estimate house price.

If you have any questions, still trying to estimate the property price, or would like an instant property valuation, please walk in or get in contact with us.

Our property price valuation process is fairly simple and is a free service offered to the clients at no extra cost. During our first informal discussion, you will get to know more about our service and how you can benefit from them. We firmly believe that you will also appreciate your association with us and feel in safe hands while trying to sell your property at the best price for the length of time you are willing for it to stay in the market.

How much is my home worth? To estimate property value, we recommend you take a look at similar properties and find out the house sale prices in your area. This will help you to find the property worth and settle on the price you are best marketing your house at (bearing in mind the buyer may ask for a reduction).

If your property has features like other offered properties, such as the same number of rooms, amenities, etc., it’s got a competition. This is where price plays a part in determining how quickly your property will sell. Setting your price at an amount lower than those in the same area, means you’re in with a greater chance of being bought before the others. If you’re happy to wait, pitching your price in the middle or slightly higher than similar properties might take longer, but could deliver a better price at the end.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred house sale price with Atwel James, instruct us to start selling your house today.

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