Moving in to a property can seem like a daunting experience but Atwel James Estate Agents can offer knowledge and understanding so that the whole process is smooth and simple.

Select a date

Choose the date that you would like to move in, bearing in mind that July is the busiest time of the year. Book an appointment with us (during working days and hours) so that we can carry out an induction and written and photographic inventory. This is a time that has to be suitable for all those that will be living in the property. This will ensure that all members receive the relevant information and documents.

The induction

Arrive at the property at the agreed time of your induction where you will be met by one of our agents. If some members are unable to make the appointment, those that can attend will be expected to sign for all keys to the property which means they are responsible. The keys and relevant information will have to be passed on to the individuals that could not attend the induction.

Information that will be provided at the induction

You may be given the following during the induction:

  1. House keys for the front door (normally one set of keys will be provided, any additional sets would be chargeable. A Key Deposit would also be applicable)
  2. A set of back door keys
  3. Garage or shed keys if applicable
  4. Meter readings for Gas, Electric and water
  5. The location of all main water and gas stop taps
  6. Location and test of carbon monoxide detector
  7. Code for the burglar alarm and a demonstration, if fitted
  8. Details regarding local authority in order for you to pay council tax
  9. Refuse and recycling collection days
  10. Fire alarm, equipment and safety information and demonstration
  11. Preventative damp and condensation information
  12. Information surrounding noise and anti-social behaviour
  13. Inventory for property cleaning
  14. Tenant repair proceedure

Following the induction

You will be expected to get in touch with the utility companies so that you can receive bills for gas, electric, water and council tax and to ensure that the bills are in your name.

The inventory sheet will provide meter readings, these have to be used as a starting point. The details of all suppliers will be provided to you before you move in, if known.

Tenant Repair Reporting Proceedure

You will be provided with a copy of our Tenant Repair Reporting Procedure, which can also be found on our website. It is important that any repairs required are reported using the correct procedure.