Hindley is a little town several miles away from Wigan and the population has increased in this area from 23,457 to 28,000 according to the 2011 census. This is the biggest growth in its history, greater than what it was in the industrial revolution which and show how people have moved to Hindley.
Hindley would attract people for its geographical location of being near Wigan and Manchester and offering a range of house, both big and small. The houses are all of great quality and with an influx of people in the past decade the housing in the area has drastically improved and is continuing to improve greatly.
Public transport in Hindley in the area offers basic buses around Wigan area and a train that takes to Manchester form Hindley Railway station.
Hindley is next door to Abram and very near Winstanley College. In addition it has the Hindley High School, formerly known as Mornington High School. It is a school that has established itself as one of the highest achieving in the North West for over half a century.
Hindley has had great numbers of people enter the area especially as the houses and buildings in the area seem to be growing so rapidly. It has some beautiful architecture such as St. Benedict’s Catholic Church and St. John’s Methodist Church, both older than 150 years, but these landmarks the houses in the area are modern, spacious and affordable.