Eccles borders Salford and has a population of around 36,000. It is one of the largest areas in Manchester and Greater Manchester especially since Liverpool and Manchester had a train line connect them. Eccles has trams that constantly run to Manchester and is nowadays of the places on Manchester with high demand for property as it is such an open, diverse and expanding area.
It borders Media City which comes in itself many advantages because it means more jobs are available in the area, particularly for those who are in their youth. Eccles has plenty of schools in the area but its strong public transport network means that it can offer schools all across Manchester.
Despite being a very populated area, Eccles is not at all congested. The houses in the area are magnificent and people are rapidly choosing to move there because of the expansion that has taken place in Eccles over the past few decades and it continues to grow stronger annually.
It is a place that motorists love as Eccles New Road is a wide road, minimising the chances of a traffic jam ensuring you are never late for work and one can race down the road safely.
The area itself, borders Trafford Park too, which means that the Trafford Centre is never too far not just Media City.
Atwel James thinks that Eccles is a great place to live because it is so close to all the big places and landmarks in Salford and Manchester yet it is still a residential area which means that even though so much has happened at the doorstep of Eccles at night you can still get a peaceful night’s sleep.