Didsbury is without a doubt one of the beautiful areas to live in Manchester. It is almost like a separate village in Manchester, except it is in Manchester with postcode beginning with M. It is often referred to as Didsbury Village, since it is like a village with all its shops and business. It has many landmarks in the area from a grand clock to statues to extremely old parks and nature areas.
It has its supermarkets, a stream of charity shops, convenience shops, cafes, tea shops and more. It also has a bus that runs along Kingsway every 10 minutes to town and Salford and also the 42 and 142 that runs every 2 minutes which is what brings you so close to the heart of Manchester. Didsbury has had business that have lasted over 2 centuries such as Peacock’s Funeral Parlour, as well as some business that are brand new whether it be a COOP or a business park, which shows how Didsbury has the perfect blend of tradition and modern.
It has the Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden which is just as long lasting and significant in the area which is a beautiful place to take a walk with the dog, a partner or catch some Pokémon if you want too.
It has a wide variety of pubs and places to socialise like its very own cricket club. In addition it has its own library in the area. Furthermore the houses in the area are all of decent size and predominantly semi-detached usually with beautiful gardens.
On the edge of Didsbury in what is called East Didsbury, since it is so large as the Parrswood complex. This consist of a Cineworld, Virgin Active, Tenpin Bowling and more. It is an attraction that many people in South Manchester tend to go for a birthday, party or festival.
Atwel James thinks that Didsbury has to be considered as one of the best places to live for its diversity, looks, fashion, schools and sense of community. It is large area and has the perfect blend of both conservative and modern, making it excellent for anyone young or old to live there and is definitely one of the best areas in Manchester itself.