Bury can be considered as a spate town in Greater Manchester. It has a grand population and has more than anyone could possible need.
Bury is one of the few areas with more than 3 high schools, 2 colleges and a handful of Primary schools. Bury has a variety of leisure activities. Local gyms, sport facilities a football team playing in the League 1 which for its size is impressive. Bury also play top flight rugby and their cricket team is consistently in the highest division of the North West. The Bury Cricket Club ground is also the largest of anyone’s in their leagues. There is without a doubt that Bury is full of talented sportsman and people who are passionate for sports. It also has its local tennis club for juniors as well as senior.
Bury is considered a fundamental part of Greater Manchester despite being more than 10 miles north of the centre, it’s importance was recognised as the first ever tram network to run for Manchester was to connect the people of Bury. This very tram network has currently been refurbished. Today more than 10,000 people use that tram line each day and still feel comfortable. It is not only swift and frequent, it is also cheap with a one way costing no more than a miles fare in a cab. It also has buses often between Manchester and Bury.
Bury’s public transport is perhaps exceptional due to the large numbers of people that rely upon the service. 1,000s who travel to and from Bury’s college’s and high schools like Pendleton College form Manchester as well as the many commuters that travel o and from work.
Atwel James thinks that Bury is one of the best parts of Greater Manchester since it almost epitomises what Manchester is all about. The diversity is unique, the success is unrivalled to any other local area, the schools and colleges are of high standard. For instance, Pendleton College is the highest achieving college in subjects related to the arts in the entire North West. In addition it has the most beautiful of high streets with massive retailers like Debenhams, Marks &Spencers and JD sports. Atwel James thinks it should also be considered as one of the best places to move to Britain in general for how much it has to offer you. It really is one of the best areas.