Broadbottom is a very low populated area (around 5,000 people) but yet does not often feel like that, since there are so many shops and also any people travel from Broadbottom to Manchester. The area in itself is geographically very small on the edge of Hyde and Stockport.
Broadbottom, though it does not have many schools has many different houses for any sized family.
It sits on the train line between Manchester and Glossop which 1,000’s of students and workers use each day. The area itself is also surrounded by everything you could need. It is considered to be in Tameside. The local hospital is no more than several miles away and or is any local school. The area of Broadbottom is also one of the most serene places in the UK as from some houses in Broadbottom you can get a brilliant view of the city of Manchester or the Peak District. Because of its geographical location it is not too far from the Snake Pass which is 30-40 minutes’ drive through the Peak District to Sheffield. A luxury not many people can say they have which is to be in between Manchester and have the choice to drive to Sheffield much easily than most.
Atwel James thinks that should one choose to live there they will often find themselves commuting. If anyone is to live there they need to be prepared to do such travelling or the area to feel comfortable. In addition it is a beautiful place to live for anyone just wishing to settle down because of all the picturesque views you can get from Broadbottom.