Blackley sits just above Manchester, just before Middleton and could be considered as Central Manchester as most of the 11,000 people who live there tend to live in a middle age aged bracket and so find themselves travelling to the centre of Manchester often.
Blackley is can almost feel like the standard area surrounding Manchester, with local schools, easy transport to the centre an abundance of shops and variety of property and house. However Blackley is a little more than this. Blackley borders Heaton Park, which is the largest park in Manchester. Heaton Park is not only grand in size but also the scenery is beautiful and excellent for a run in the park or for a romantic picnic. It is also more than capable off hosing an excellent family picnic.
The park itself also hosts Parklife, which is a sold out festival where some of the world’s biggest performers come together to stage a massive show for 1,000s of people to enjoy for the weekend.
As well as being a fairly high populated area, it is still very scenic with the Blackley Forest which is really like a green spot in Manchester that fits wonderfully in the area. Houses in the area are thus plentiful, convenient and aesthetic
Atwel James believes that with all the looks of the area, the proximity to Manchester as well as the diversity amongst the community. It would be considered as a one of the more peaceful urban areas to live in Manchester. The park is such a tourist attraction and the houses itself are just as beautiful and property in this area is definitely on demand.