Altrincham sits on the corner of Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Trafford. Altrincham has a population of 52, 419 according to the 2011 census and 8 miles away from Manchester city centre. Some of the more notable things in the area includes it’s very own football club, Altrincham F.C, a deer park as well several buildings that are Grade I Listed Buildings, making it a formidable place to live in. Hence the town itself is considered to have a strong and varying middle class presence.
Living in Altrincham can also be very convenient for children growing up with its own two exceptional grammar schools, Altrincham Grammar for Boys and Altrincham Grammar for Girls. In addition being located in Trafford increases the chance of your children being admitted in a nearby schools in Trafford such as Sale Grammar and Urmston High School.
The housing itself in Altrincham is also considered to be extremely family based and thereforeas a result properties are large and spacious compared many areas nationally. Furthermore, since a town was established there since the 13th century, the area and property has been enabled to flourish simply because Altrincham has established itself over the 700 years.
If Altrincham did not seem attractive enough to make you consider living there, the public transport is then something worth considering. Altrincham has trams consistently running and have been running through the area to Manchester for over a decade. In addition, the trams have recently been refurbished and as a result are even quicker than before, more eco-friendly and also allow you greateraccess to different parts of Manchester, including Bury, the Airport, Chorlton, Old Trafford and more.
Atwel James thinks this would be an exceptional place to live because of the quality behind its public transport, markets, housing and education.