Train power and the effects on our homes

Websites like Zoopla often tell us about the distance a property is away from the local train station. How did the train station become so significant? So much so that Zoopla considering the proximity between a property and a train station a buying factor?
Train power is freight-ning
It’s important to remember that without trains we would never have had as many houses as we do, despite the clear shortage of housing in or country. Trains were successful in growing our industry as it usually helped with heavy materials and transportation of raw materials before trains were used to transport passengers. An example is a steel, steel needed trains as it was so heavy to transport however trains needed steel for our train tracks as an example. Trains were really the start of any significant sign of urbanisation from the Victorian period. In addition, there is no question that our country was somehow the leader in trains across the globe…How the mighty have fallen.
Passenger trains changed a landscape metaphorically and literally.
These massive machines meant people could move from place to place, it now took just hours to get from the north to the south. The world essentially became smaller. People today are using the same tracks to work in Liverpool and live in Manchester (and vice versa) as they did over a century ago. The idea of living and working in different cities was unheard of and meant we could plot our property slightly further away.
Life before trains meant people had to live in or on the same road as the factory in which they may have worked in which obviously has its health hazards and quite frankly boring housing. All the detached houses you see on certain estates…yes, they were the houses before the creation of trains.
To see how housing has changed so drastically as a result of trains is impressive. People could live in rural areas and also work in the urban, whereas before that it was one or the other, you were either in the country or you were in the city.
Today Atwel James look as the HS2 train that is looking towards being built in the next several decades. We believe that this train is essential to help support the housing market nationally. Imagine the idea of living in Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds and working in London or again vice versa. The possibilities of what we could do with this sort of commute is unthinkable. In addition, we would not have to worry much about pollution as the train seeks to be using electro magnets, meaning fewer fossil fuels will be required and it is almost entirely green for us to travel from these cities.
Atwel James thinks that the result of HS2 when we look at the history of trains can only benefit us and the economy, property prices in London will go vastly cheaper as it could mean demand would be shorter and we at Atwel James are excited about the new markets and access to housing for many people in the country with the creation of HS2 in a few years’ time.

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