Wanting to move to Old Trafford can for many people, especially football and cricket fans an absolute no brainer. However, many people are often daunted when it comes to making the move to Old Trafford. The latter group of people may be worried by the noise and traffic as a result of the two grand and international Old Trafford stadiums. Admittedly there is traffic but as years have progressed the Manchester and Trafford Council have found a way to manage with 75,000 people flooding the area every fortnight for most of the year. The roads in the area are not just but plentiful. With so many roads, access to town is swift and easy. Furthermore, the council has formed the innovative to take action against an annoying or anti-social behavior in the area of larger fines and extra security for people littering in the area or affecting your space and home.
People also forget that the area itself is a residential area and the houses here are some of the best in Manchester especially for their price. And make it convenient for anyone to buy property in Old Trafford. The international stage for people is also beautiful locally, with the perfect parks, rivers, and lakes. There are lots of local stores and supermarkets. It even gives you a view of the beautiful Media City and just a 10-minute cycle route to the heart of the Manchester City Centre. Furthermore, the ability to support your local football and cricket team and to not be disappointed is something unique and would put you in an elite category globally. You will be living in an area that many people across the world dream of living in.
Atwel James has an office so close to Old Trafford we share its postcode and with such proximity comes increase pride in our work and we only offer houses of the highest of quality and condition for you. Gradually we have seen an increased demand for people to buy, rent property in Old Trafford as the place have access to multiple non-selective grammar schools as well as colleges, transport links, proximity to the city centre and scenery. Our experts recommend Old Trafford as one of the best three areas to live in Manchester and Greater Manchester, and with prices not that great at all, you are sure to feel like you are grabbing a bargain whether you wanted to rent or buy a house in Old Trafford. Our landlords in Old Trafford have also had the best experience in selling a property in Old Trafford, it becomes easy for us to offer the best for our landlords compared to other areas and estate agents.

If you’re looking for estate agents in Old Trafford for buying, renting or selling your property, you’ve come to the right place! Email us at info@atweljames.co.uk or give us a call at (0161) 232 0944.