Moss Side has unfairly got an infamous reputation. From gang crime to the Moss Riots in the 1980s. However, in the past decade, the police have essentially eliminated some of the most influential and larger gangs that led everyone to sell their property in Moss Side. Now, it is slowly becoming one of the best places to live Manchester. It has seen brand new estates and luxury houses be built to cross the area, including where the old City stadium was situated on Maine road. With our office being on the edge of Moss Side, we can already guarantee our best service when it comes to our clients in Moss Side as our understanding of the area is the best.
The houses have color to them as well as an extreme sense of modernity about them showing how Moss Side is opening a new chapter in its history. The houses are new from the top of Moss Side on Moss Lane East, on the bottom near Broadfield Road and Wilbraham Road. It definitely is an area that has clearly been renovated over recent years and is unrecognizable from 30 years ago. It even has a local library called the Powerhouse which is a library but also a center for charities and the local community next door to the inclusive West Indian community center. Full of mosques, churches, and temples, Moss Side is also building a reputation for being one of the friendliest places in Manchester with all the people engaging with each other in such positive manner. In Recent years we at Atwel James have noticed an increase in young students moving to Moss Side because of the proximity to the universities and it shows us how times have changed and it really is becoming an area open to everyone. With several parks and a massive Carnival at Alexandra Park each year, the spirit of Moss Side has found a new and very pleasurable identity that we only love.
The lives made easy by the fact that they can rent property in Moss Side as it has several high schools and many new and old primary schools. Furthermore, it is next to Hulme and Fallowfield, home of Manchester grammar, Manchester high School and Loreto College to name a few of many exceptional high achieving instructions in the country. It is pretty much walking distance or a 5-10minute bus ride to the city center also gives it a clear cut simple edge over other areas. Transport from your property and buy property here in Moss Side as it is perfect for anyone to live here and it is never too busy as Moss Side is predominantly a residential area,
Home to the new, the aspirers, the workers, the exciting, the 9-5’s, the gamers, the sofa hitters, the diners, the writers, the students, the elderly, the businessman, the spiritual, the joyful, the athlete, the scholar, the intellect and the happy. Moss Side is definitely an area with all its leisure activities, schools, libraries, shops, and even a nearby curry mile, it is definitely on its way to becoming one of the best areas in Manchester.

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