Mellor Reddish is an area that compliments the old a new as it sits on the South-East border of Manchester and the borough of Stockport. Near Gorton, Mello Reddish finds itself perfect placed in access of the busy and exciting life of Manchester more than other areas. However at the same time it touches into the world of quiet, peace and serenity.
The houses in the area in mimic this theme, with a population of around 13,000 the houses are incredibly diverse, whether you sought for small or big, new or old designed, the houses are available here. With beautiful parks scattered in the area to compliment your living area. In addition there are a number of schools in the area and nearby, for example, many of the young adolescent pupils that go to school from this area often study at the Wright Robinson High School which is one of the most over achieving comprehensive schools in Manchester. By the simple face of being so close to Manchester and Stockport gives pupils the option to study in many places around. From the best schools in Stockport or Manchester.
Transport in the area is usually supported by buses with buses running frequently to take you to the city centre of Manchester or in the opposite direction, taking you to Stockport, which helps you broaden your lifestyle. Mellor Reddish has seen a steady incline in population over the past several decades as a result of funding put into directly to make it more secure as well as able to support more people. Properties wait here and Atwel James is not oblivious to the fact that Mellor Reddish is becoming more and more popular with our clients. With plenty of leisure activities available, such as gyms and sports teams and a cinema no more than a mile away, as well as rapid buses. Mellor Reddish is slowly becoming one of the most attractable options for you to live, especially since the houses themselves give you such choice unlike many other areas.