Marple Bridge is a little area in Stockport and is one of the most picturesque areas in Greater Manchester and Stockport. The centre of Marple Bridge village centre has its own Conservation Area and was extended just a decade with Brabyns Park. The stone-built village situated in a fairly populated area out of the city was soon as ideal. It is also the bridge between Lancashire and Derbyshire, making it a fair landmark itself geographically. In addition the River Goyt offers some of the best pictures of beauty in the entire country and is considered to be one of the most serene and photogenic areas in the North and in the entire country.

For practicality, Marple Bridge is still very strong, with the Marple College nearby and a range of high achieving public and private schools in Stockport. The connection between Manchester and Stockport areas in general is extremely swift and affordable.

Atwel James works with Marple Bridge often and the houses are often grand and vintage. Stun built houses with beautiful furnaces. With a supreme and vintage fashioned design on the outside, houses in the area from the interior have no doubt found their place in the 21st century with the latest technology in all parts of the house. With exquisite kitchens and dining areas and completely furnished living spaces, Marple Bridge offers so much in a house more than most areas in the country at some of the most competitive prices.