Little Lever is one of the best places to live in Greater Manchester and Bolton more specifically. Little Lever is home to some of the biggest houses in Greater Manchester, with a population density of about 23 person per hectare which is much higher than Bolton which is 20.
In terms of transport Little Lever is one of best areas to live in Bolton with most people who live there, usually commuting to Manchester or Bolton for work. It has roads run along the buy canal providing a direct link between Manchester, Bolton and Bury making it really simple to get to work.
There is a leisure centre for the people of Little Lever with state of the art facilities. It gives you access to play any sport from Football, Bowls, Cricket, Squash, tennis. It even gives you access to a fitness suite as well as extensive playing fields. There are also local football, rounder’s and cricket teams in the area. The cricket team Little Lever Cricket Club is one of the oldest in the country and has a brilliant social club/bar next to the pavilion, which is often packed when there is any local event taking place.
All this sports available and these big houses to give more space helps create a perfect environment for our children and it is little surprise the Little Lever School is one of the best in the region and is a specialist in business and enterprise classes. Little Lever also has a special needs school called Ladywood School which further emphasises how this area is one of the most supportive, open and friendliest areas.
Overall Atwel James thinks that Little Lever offers some of the best houses on the market, with massive gardens and houses in general. Little Lever is perfect for you if you are looking for somewhere secure for you and your family, to be away from the commotion of the cit but to never be too far from the city life at the same time.