Little Hulton is an area part of Salford City, just several miles further away from Manchester. It currently has a population that sits around 13,000 and despite a fairly average population it is a highly residential area. There has been a constant increase in the number of people who have moved to Little Hulton with development in the housing in Salford in recent years.
Little Hulton has a few Primary schools but no secondary school in the area, meaning that the area will never to be too loud and rarely congested with noise or pupils going to the school. Secondary schools are not too far away from Little Hulton as it is as close to Wigan and Bolton as it is to Manchester and Salford, giving pupils a wider option of secondary schools to attend.
Furthermore, bus routes through Little Hulton means Manchester, Salford, Bolton, and Wigan and also Bury is not too difficult to get too on a short budget. Furthermore, since there are few people living in Little Hulton than most areas in Greater Manchester, it mean there is less likely to be traffic making it easy to drive from A to B in Greater Manchester when you live in Little Hulton.
Little Hulton is has a large sports community with its own cricket and bowling club. The cricket team has two adult teams and a junior team for ages up to 18, making the summers exciting and enabling you to communicate well with the local community. Also at the famous Peel Park is Little Hulton Reds Amateur Rugby Team and League Football club is based. Again it shows how the small area is grand in their approach to sports.
Atwel James thinks that at Little Hulton you are guaranteed to feel secure, with not only few people making it safe but also its own police station. Nearby is of course he famous Salford Royal Hospital with A and E services too. Little Hulton is an area with generally beautiful houses and the area is filled with wonderful scenery, we believe that Little Hulton might be little, but when you live there it can only help you feel grand.