Ince-in-Makerfield or Ince (Manchester) is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan with a population that sits around 14,000. Ince-in-Makerfield provide you with a sense of normality in life. The Mean age in the area is 40, which equals the national average ishighlightinghow this area is for everyone no matter if they are old or young. It offers something for everyone young or old.
The people of Ince tend to do their shopping in Wigan for their high street retail stores, but the area itself is mainly for people looking to find stability in working from home. Ince-in-Makerfield is also meant to make life much more affordable with people who have mortgaged a house in the area at 367% and people owning their house here t 31.1% which is above the national average. In addition, 5% fewer people pay rent compared to the national average in Ince-Makerfield, showing that this area is mainly ideal for people looking for home ownership as property is affordable in the area.
The area of Wigan itself is one of Britain’s most favourable towns with everything not just being local but also being of high quality ad large. All the major retailers can be found in Wigan and in the area of Ince. Leisureactivities are available at will and Ince itself has 2 large recreation grounds perfect for going out and walking the dog etc.
For us at Atwel James it is easy for us to understand why Ince is such a popular are for our clients despite a small population it is one of the most rapidly growing areas in Wigan for the homes are constantlyimproving as is the town itself.