Oldham is one of the most popular areas in Manchester and Greater Manchester. Oldham is its own town and has the population of around 105,000 making it one of the largest towns in the country. Manchester and Greater Manchester itself has a population of around two million, so this makes so many people buy property in Oldham.

Put it simply, Oldham has everything. A train station, bus station rather than just bus stops, it has its own professional club, it has big and smaller homes. It has roads built connecting you to everywhere like Huddersfield and Manchester. It has a diverse population, Churches, and Mosques. It has numerous supermarkets and more. The list is almost endless. People who live may not sell their property in Oldham because there are lots of job opportunity options that already exist inside Oldham.

Oldham is full of sport, and it is little surprise to be the home of a young Paul Scholes. The schools are also some of the best and transport to get out of Oldham to Manchester is incredibly popular. With its own bus station, it is very easy to broaden your choice in what you do in your life and your spare time. For instance, rent a property in Oldham and easily study in or outside of Oldham, or eat a fine restaurant in or outside of Oldham.

If you are still unsure as to why so many people live in Oldham town, look to its houses. The houses are great value for money, plotted perfectly on the rim of Manchester, near the perfect roads and motorways and pretty much near anything you may need to come in contact with in everyday life. At Atwel James, there is no surprise to see a high demand for a home in Oldham.

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