Mottram in Longendale has a modest population of around 10,000 and is also one of the most picturesque areas in the entire of Greater Manchester. It is also one of the cheapest areas to live in. It is a much more rural area compared to other orthodox urban areas in Greater Manchester. A person who loves the outdoors can buy Property in Mottram in Longendale, because it sits on the edge of the Peak District.
Mottram in Longendale has a perfect blend of cottage houses and much more regular housing. Very rarely do houses come so close a national park but so well connected to a major city like Manchester, with the M67 coming in contact with Mottram in Longendale, it makes any desire to get out of the area easy as possible and brings you in touch with the city. However, at night times it is more than probably going to feel too serene to be true in one of the calmest towns in the country. It is filled with the par and even has several reservoirs in the area like Arnfield Reservoir and Bottoms Reservoir. All of which makes it impossible to undermine the natural beauty of the area.
Quite remarkably one of the most artists to have ever lived made sure Mottram in Longendale was his home for around two decades. L.S. Lowry. A statue of him can be found in the area and it shows what sort of people can be attracted to a quiet area. It is little surprise to know that Mottram in Longendale was a source of inspiration for people like Lowry. The area is also blessed with its own cricket clubs, Mottram cricket club as it was established in 1878; and those who likes cricket or are fond of cricket can rent property in Mottram in Longendale.
Mottram in Longendale is a place that sells itself as the place is calm; so anyone who doesn’t like calmness can sell their property in Mottram in Longendale.

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