Mossley is an area in Tameside Greater Manchester and just fewer than 9 miles from the city center of Manchester. Mossley can almost seem like an ordinary area, however, its views, hills, and mountains are second to none. Yorkshire, Cheshire, and Lancashire all meet at this point. The population has very steadily increased from 10,000 to 12,000 and many started Buying Property in Mossley.
Mossley is also home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the north with some churches like St George’s Church being over a century old, and they look across at the Peak District.
Mossley despite its small size, is still full of leisure activities, for instance, it has Mosley A.F.C and Mossley Mayhem Softball Club which is one of the rarest in the North West. It also has several junior football clubs and its own cricket club.
Mossley is also blessed with many primary schools as well as Mossley Hollins High School which is a school that attracts pupils across Tameside for its high rating teaching, and they all rent property in Mossley.
Mossley also has its own railway station as well as several bus services running to Oldham, through Tameside and Manchester city center.
Mossley being a fair trade town is one for the most serene towns to live in, the house is spacious, the roads are thin and congestion is inexistent.
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