Leigh is one of the single biggest areas in Greater Manchester and the population, too many people surprise, surpassed 50,000 in the 2011 census. It almost equidistant from Wigan as it is from Manchester, both destinations are just under a 30 minutes’ drive away from residents of Leigh.
Leigh is famous for its large houses but being really affordable. Earlier, everyone sell their property in Leigh as the houses were very old fashioned. Now, it has roads that are lined with trees and there are multiple parks in the area.
In addition to the area being very green despite holding a high number of people, Leigh has a traditional market both indoors and outdoors. They also have many retailers run by the locals. One of the shopping areas in Leigh is the Spinning Gate Centre, which is unique in its design and has 30 different stores inside. Furthermore, Rent Property in Leigh, nearby the town centre is the best option.
Leisure activities are never in short if you live in Leigh, as less than a decade ago, Leigh Sports Village opened with a stadium that supports 11,000 for their local rugby club and sports teams. They also use the facility for local colleges and schools, some fort hotels and also for business facilities for the local community.
With several galleries in Leigh, a Nando’s, Chinese restaurants and Italian restaurants. Leigh is a large town close to one of the biggest cities in the UK, Manchester.
Leigh bus station is able to take you to Warrington in less than 20 minutes as well as St. Helens and Manchester in under 30 minutes. Leigh is also home to some of the best schools in Manchester in Bedford High School and Westleigh High School. However, due to Leigh’ transport network, pupils are able to attend schools in other areas in Wigan like Atherton and Golborne.
Overall, Atwel James believes Buy Property in Leigh is an excellent option as it is a town which offers more than most within a 5-mile radius from your house. The area has been massively developed over the past decade such as the sports village development; it also means houses have developed just as fast in recent years. The proximity to Manchester is an advantage worth considering.

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