Lees is a village/small area in Oldham, with only a population that touches 10,000 according to the 2011 census. The houses here, especially compared to most houses on the eastern side of Manchester are huge and to a certain extent like villas in many cases. Although it is also many smaller houses detached and semi-detached showing how the area is a place to be considered for anyone with any sort of income.
It may come as a surprise being situated 8 miles from the heart of Manchester but Lees is one of the most convenient areas in terms of getting around Greater Manchester and beyond despite being far out. Lees has several buses running frequently to the Manchester city centre and even has buses that take all the way to Huddersfield! Not to mention buses towards Hyde and Stalybridge as well as buses in the direction of Middleton. People are able to use the A669 to get to Manchester quickly. Furthermore the road itself descends very so slightly and is a wide road, making it perfect for cyclists to get to Manchester on bike.
Furthermore, there are no secondary schools in the area itself but many high schools and colleges in Oldham itself. At first sight this can seem like a disadvantage, but it does make sure the village that is Lees is still calm and it is less likely to hit by traffic, noise and crowdedness. This will make your home feel more personal and the noise of an area and traffic nearby is something we at Atwel James think you should consider.
All in all, we at Atwel James believe Lees is an ideal area for anyone looking to find a comfrotbale home of any size in an area that allows you to get to Yorkshire easily and Manchester. The idea of being able to travel to Yorkshire comfortably from a Greater Manchester address is unique and has more advantages than one could imagine. Lees if anything is that surprise package that ticks all the boxes in terms of quality in its housing and environment.