Kearsley is below both Bolton and Bury and is a town in the Borough of Bolton. It holds a population of 15,000 at ease and is one of the most spacious areas in Greater Manchester, with a lot f green parks and scenery in the area. Kearsley has three industrial estates and a small shopping centre and local business on Manchester Road.
Manchester Road passes through Kearsley and the straight Roan road takes you from A to B, Manchester to Bolton swiftly and easily. In addition it is one of the areas on a direct bus route between Bolton and Manchester. In the case of traffic, Kearsley Railway Station is one of the areas served by its own dual platform train station, Kearsley Railway Station, in the centre on Stoneclough Road, Kearsley does not deal with a single bus to Manchester, it also has buses to Stockport, Shudehill, Farnworth and even Bury ensuring you easy access around Greater Manchester without the need of using two buses which many people much closer than 10 miles from Manchester cannot boast about.
Schools in Kearsley are some of the best in Bolton. It has a range of primary schools and also a secondary school in Kearsley Academy. The school is of high standard as it supports 541 pupils meaning the classes are smaller and hence offering teaching of the highest value and quality for its students.
Atwel James is aware Kearsley has a reputation of being a Christian area with grand churches, but with recently several local temple and mosques being built, the area is rapidly becoming an area for everyone to be happy living in. A fairly standard population of around 15,000 yet and a wide range of possibilities are open living in the green houses of Kearsley.