Irlam is a suburban area part of Greater Manchester in Salford with a population just above 20,000. Famous for being the home to the UK’s largest independent wine bottle, the company employs 300 people in an area where the houses really are grand.
Houses in Irlam are very Victorian-esque with the houses far back from the road and with many houses holding a cellar and loft conversion for maximum space. Irlam has a straight road to Manchester along the canal and also buses running to Manchester frequently.
Next to Irlam is Worsley where Worsley High School sits and is placed as one of the best high schools in Manchester that is state funded. Furthermore, being in Salford means there is easy access to the famous Media City which is still expanding with millions being invested. Media City is fastest employing and fastest growing areas in the country and living in Irlam will mean you are under the same district and this is definitely advantage as being close to the zone will increase your chances of working there if you wanted a job, and being under the same council, the wealth of Media City will inevitably impact your life in Irlam positively as it will allow for further investment in the whole of Salford which would include Irlam
The feedback we have received at Atwel James about Irlam has been nothing but positive. With the shops and supermarkets making life easier, the accessibility to Manchester being incredibly smooth. The houses themselves all being affordable as well as large and stylish, we know for a fact that moving into Irlam where the crime rates are low and the positivity seems to be high, it would not be a bad decision to move in the suburban area of Salford.