Hyde is one of the larger areas in Manchester at the bottom of Hyde Road with a population of 34,000. It is extremely diverse with people coming from all walks of life to Hyde Making it a welcoming place for anyone to live. So Buy Property in Hyde could be a great choice as it is extremely close to the Peak District, Glossop and Manchester but is closest to Stockport.
Though Stockport is geographically closer, because of the M67 motorway, Hyde Road, and a feeder to the M60, it is just as quick to travel to Manchester as it is Stockport. Hyde has 6 train stations, making it really easy to travel across the region quickly and cheaply. It even has its own new bus station purely to encourage people to use the public transport that had been renewed and improved with £3.7 million in 2007 that increased the property rates and at that time, natives sell their property of Hyde.
The people of Hyde are passionate about their local sports, not just being fairly close to the Etihad Stadium; Hyde is full of local teams with plenty of success. Hyde has their own football club, and the ground is sometimes used as the ground for the reserve fixtures for Manchester United and Manchester City. Hyde also has its own successful cricket and squash club playing in the Lancashire County League.
The most notable sportsman to ever grow in Hyde was Ricky ‘the Hitman’ Hatton, who as a result of his success and growing up in Hyde has helped build a boxing gym and health club in the area, completely modern and for the public to use.
Atwel James sees Hyde as a gigantic area and a positively huge choice for people who decide for a rent property in Hyde because it simply has so much to offer especially in terms of the sports and range of properties.

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