Heywood has a population of approximately 29,000 and is right in the middle between Bury and Rochdale giving its people the choice of the two towns. The population remained stagnant in the 20th century but with the turn of the millennium, Heywood has become an area that people have looked to move too.
Heywood has many buses because it is so close to Rochdale, Bury and Manchester. With Bury being next door it is really easy to get the tram to Manchester. In addition it has the M62 Motorway running through the area, thus many more places in the North become accessible, such as Leeds and Huddersfield. The Heywood Railway Station is also useful in finding you way across the country of Lancashire and into Derbyshire at times.
Heywood Grammar School is the main secondary school in the area and is rated Outstanding by Ofsted and currently has over 1,000 pupils, which shows how the school attracts people from outside of the area. Living in Heywood would make it easier for your children to get to a high quality school easily, giving them an edge with time. The area has numerous primary schools also, some that are Catholic or Protestant or state schools. Heywood also has the several colleges like Siddal Moor Sports College, which after 2 years students end up into some of the top universities in the country such as Loughborough.
Heywood has its own cricket club with much success, playing in the Central Lancashire Cricket League. The team is large enough to support 3 adult teams as well as junior levels on all ages. Heywood also has a football club in the Division One of the Manchester Football League, plus it has its own hockey club, boxing club and a brand new Sport Culture and Leisure Village.
Atwel James has been working in Heywood since we first started and Heywood has seen an evolution in the past decade with so many new house and new infrastructure like the Sports and Leisure Village. If there is a word that comes to mind when we think of Heywood it as to be evolution.