Golborne is a town in between Warrington and just slightly closer to Wigan, with a population of around 20,000. Golborne is an area which used to be famed for its coal mining. Now Golborne is an area that is purely for people to live their life securely. With homes in the area that are detached and homes that resemble individual cottages.
Being on the outskirts of Wigan, Golborne is fairly close to a town centre but can also be a quiet area because of it is still a few miles away from the centre of Wigan. It has its own High School, Golborne High School and is also not far from one of the highest achievingcolleges in the North West, which is Winstanley College.
Golborne really is a quiet area with a friendly neighbourhood, and a clock tower founded in 1829 at St Thomas’ Church is still heard chiming each hour 24/7 so the area is still in touch with its old traditional side.
Atwel James thinks the area is slowly becoming a slightly more remote population with a very slow decline in the number of people that live there, as people and the houses themselves are becoming larger and larger and more like large cottages than anything. People are beginning to Golborne to go as a place to find some solace but also if they ever needed to go toward the High Street, Wigan is never too far away and Manchester still looks like a formidable option for a day out being a 30 minutes’ drive away.