Fallowfield has a population of justunder 16,000 and is just below the famous curry mile in Manchester. It is quite fairly considered as a student area in Manchester. It holds at least 8,000 students in the area with all the Student flats and houses open to rent for students.
Fallowfield, as it is such a large student area, means that all the local businesses in the area are thriving. It has many pubs, shops, several supermarkets that are all of really high quality in the area because of the students. Students also choose to live here not just because of the proximity to some part so f the University of Manchester campus but also because it is so easy to get to town and to the Oxford Road campuses from Fallowfield with more than one bus running per minute to and from the area.
Fallowfield is also rich in its facilities because of the university. It has the Armitage Centre, which has a state of the art fitness suite as well as sport facilities.
As a result of its large student population it often means that houses are constantly being refurbished and made to look new. They are also expanded to the largest they can be meaning there are significantnumbers of 5 bedroom houses or more. However you do not have to be a student to live in Fallowfield as it still has a community type ambiance that radiates from the area with all the churches, mosques, schools and local businesses in Fallowfield and her neighbours.
Overall Atwel James thinks that Fallowfield is an area that is most ideal for students that study at the University of Manchester, however still perfect for locals as it is near Withington village which is an area built by local businesses and it also one of the best areas to live in when it comes to travelling to the city centre, especially since the buses are so frequent and the new cycle lane built for people in Fallowfield to get to town easily and safely.