Failsworth is about 3 miles away from Manchester and simple drive down Oldham Road away from the city centre. It currently has a population of around 20,000 and is considered to be a comfortable area.
Homes in Failsworth are extremely comfortable with houses being vry close together but very large, giving the roads a strong community feel to it. It has many local parks and local businesses. The area is special because it has an extremely high proportion of local business in the area but still has most of the large supermarkets like Morrison’s, Asda, Tesco, Aldi and more. The area in itself is made to attract people of all different groups and ages and it gives Failsworth its own diverse identity in Manchester.
Failsworth also its own comprehensive high school in Failsworth High School which tends to soak up all the local high school students. The public transport is also very strong in the area which is why most 16-18 year olds tend to travel to college in South Manchester from Failsworth. Students find it completely practical which does show that the transport in and out of Failsworth is efficient for 100’s.
Overall Atwel James believes Failsworth is a more quiet area even a population of 20,000 it is an extremely comfort bale area to live in and often people tend to move there with their families with the houses being suited for moderate sized families on any income.