Dukinfield is the middle of Tameside in Greater Manchester and has a population of around 23,000. More and more people are beginning to recognise the benefits of living in the area. This can be seen through the 2001 census where the population was around 17,000 and had been for decades prior to 2001. However according to the 2011 census, this number has significantly gone up. This correlates positively with the fact Dukinfield has seen a complete revamp in its houses.
Many houses in Dukinfield and Tameside in general are new or refurbished in general so it can open the doors for more people. Dukinfield as a result of the new property estates being built is becoming and more attractive option for people to move too.
There are multiple primary schools and nurseries however there are no secondary schools in the area, but the closest one is only several miles away in Ashton. In addition there is Tameside College and also secondary schools in the area of Stalybridge next-door.
Atwel James thinks that Dukinfield is the sort of area the will only improve with time and the new properties being built in the area can only be a good sign for modern house. For the first time in decade the population in the area has not remained stagnant and has vastly increased which just shows that Dukinfield is beginning to offer more in the past decade and looks set to continue to do so in the long run especially for your children. Which also means the property is cheap at the moment but prices are steadily increasing as demand increases.