With a population of 23,000 Droylsden is one of the more greatly populated areas in Manchester. The area is in what is known as Tameside only around 4 miles away from the heart of Manchester city centre. The houses are usually between middle sized and small since historically it was Mill Town, which means the houses and roads are very conveniently layed to make it easier to get to the main street.
Droylsden is not served by its own train station exactly however the local railway station is only a mile away, which is Fairfield train Station. It also has buses that run to Manchester and to the rest of South Manchester also, to prevent the need of perhaps getting two buses.
For young students Droylsden has its own academy which opened less than a decade ago, as well as that it has Fairfield High School for Girls which is aged 11-18 and has also been given the accolade of being titled as a Specialist Science College. Also being near to Manchester means that there is even more choice outside of the area itself.
Atwel James believes that Droylsden is an area that is simple. There is nothing complicated about Droylsden, the people are friendly, the transport links are fantastic, the shops ae convenient, and living here can only be simple.