Cheetham Hill has a massive population of around 22,000 and is no more than 1.5 miles away from the heart of Piccadilly Gardens. It is so close to Manchester city centre, that Victoria Station is the closest train station on top of Deansgate. Cheetham Hill after gaining so much wealth from the industrial revolution and becoming urbanised, houses in the area became as such, where they houses were made for workers and families
Cheetham Hill has quite literally been ranked as Britain’s most diverse area. The diversity in the area is truly second to none with people coming from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Documentaries have indeed been broadcasted on BBC 2 just about the identity of Cheetham Hill because of how diverse it is. The area is rich from people coming as refugees in World War II or coming fleeing the Great Irish Famine. Cheetham Hill has brought the best people from everywhere and everyone lives extremely coercively together.
Locally is Abraham Moss High School or Kings High School, the latter considered to be on the most academic and the former considered to be one of the most talented schools in sports. In addition with the area being so close to heart of Manchester means the students living the area have access to so many more prestigious schools.
Cheetham Hill boasts some of the best restaurants in Cheetham Hill like restaurants such as Dera and Kebabish. It also has a local cricket team, football team, rugby team, not to mention numerous parks in the area. It is also not too far from the famous Heaton Par towards Blackley and Middleton
Atwel James believes Cheetham Hill is a special are in the sense that you will always feel comfortable since many people come together here and live together. With Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Hindus and more. Cheetham hill will always be Britain’s pinnacle of social cohesion.