Cheadle with a staggering population of 15,000, is the area that is just above standard in terms of what it offers you as a whole. The houses here can be worth anything from £100,000 to £1,000,000. Despite this sort of range in property in Cheadle, people enjoy living in Cheadle entirely equally. Cheadle is he first are that is part of Stockport and is officially in Greater Manchester rather than Manchester.
Cheadle could very much equally be part of Manchester because of the proximity between Cheadle and Manchester City Centre which is no more than 6 miles. Most houses in Cheadle are either at the bottom of Kingsway or Stockport Road (the A6). Both roads have a direct bus that travels to Manchester. The 192 that simply runs up and down Stockport Road all day long is one of the 3 most frequent buses in Manchester as it runs up to 18 times an hour. That’s around once every 3 minutes at peak times, so if you ever miss the bus you won’t need to wait more than 2 minutes. This sort of link of transport link is unrivalled anywhere in Britain. Furthermore all the 192 buses and buses that run ever so frequently from Kingsway to Manchester are all eco-friendly that consumer little CO2 and operate on a predominantly electric engine.
It is also very easy to access the Stockport train station as much as it is to Piccadilly which provide direct access to pretty much every major city in the UK, from York to London, from Bristol to Nottingham.
Schooling in the area is also exceptional, being tin the middle of Stockport and Manchester connection means that young students have the luxury of choosing where they want to study. The options are extremely vast. They are able to travel to all the best Manchester and Stockport colleges and high schools there are which are obviously too many to list.
Atwel James thinks Cheadle is an area that anyone and everyone should consider moving too simply because of the diversity in the area, and how it gives you so much more choice in what you do. It gives you more in your choices of leisure, school, work, shopping and more. For that reason, anyone who lives in Cheadle are considered to be enjoying a very happy life. The fact that housing in the area is so diverse make it all the more attractive option to go to!