Cadishead with a population of 10,000 plus is much more populated than what most people could probably expect. It is also considered to be as part of the City of Salford. Because it has such a large demography from the area it is, it means that many things are nearby from schools to supermarkets.
People who live here often travel to work and it has an A Road that makes it extremely easy that runs along the river Irwell. Cadishead Way takes you directly to Trafford, Centre, Old Trafford, Salford City and Manchester. The road is made to take people who live here to the major city itself. Therefore moving here is simple as it often means no traffic in the morning to get to work compared with many people who may live much closer in different areas but for them it could take longer to get to the city centre simply because of their morning traffic which is something inexistent for those who live in Cadishead.
The area has a few parks which really add to a homely ambiance. Cadishead Recreation Ground, Cadishead Park, Rowson Drive Playing Fields which all make it an extremely great feel to be so close to what feels like true nature, especially as the river Irwell runs through the area.
Also in Cadishead is Liverpool Rd, (which coincidently directs you towards Liverpool) which has many major retails on it, making Cadishead an attractive option for anyone looking to move here.
We at Atwel James thinks that people who move to Cadishead are largely looking for a quiet area and houses that are not either too small or too large. It gives people to delightful choice of being in a quiet area but also if they choose they can find a quick 15 minute drive to Trafford Park, Manchester or Salford very easy. In addition by the fact that Media City is set to spend another £200 million on expansion, we can only expect Cadishead to become even better in the long run!