Bramhall is south of Stockport and is often considered as an affluent area in Stockport town in general for its large houses as well as beautiful shops lined up to make shopping local, easy and unique. It has a population of around 10,000 and has been entirely designed of making your life and your children’s life simply amazing.
Bramhall has its own thriving high school with 100% A*-C GCSE grades. Furthermore in the Stockport area itself there are plenty of schools at all levels an ages including the prestigious Stockport Grammar School. In addition for the youth it has its own football team that is full of enormous talent. The area is made because of all the competition it has in local Stockport areas. This completion is between which rea has the better shops, housing, schools, local football team etc. This means that prices are also not artificially high as the competition is high as is the standard of living in the area.
However Bramhall also has a set of detached housing too making it suitable for option for those looking to move there on a smaller budget. The convenience of the area is exceptional.
Getting to the Manchester City Centre can feel difficult with buses taking you to the centre in around 30-40minutes. However, one is never too far from Stockport train station which gives you direct trains to some of Britain’s largest cities, including London, York, Bristol, Birmingham and more.
Atwel James thinks that living in a place like Bramhall is perfect for someone looking to find a place to settle down and enjoy their time doing simple things, from playing sport, enjoying shopping locally at massive retail stores or at a local run business.