Bowdon is considered one of Britain’s most affluent with the percentage of people under the line of poverty is 2%, which if we compare to the city of Manchester is around 30% lower than that average. It has a population of around 8,500 and is considered to be extremely homely for people as it sits on the border of Hale and Altrincham.
It has the unfair reputation of being like a countryside because of its large houses, although the area itself has a range wide of houses more suited for larger families with big gardens. Bordering Bowdon and Altrincham is Altrincham Grammar or boys and girls.
Being in Trafford means that nothing is ever too far and it can be convenient for someone travelling to Manchester via trams, or just being near many different towns in Trafford. It also obviously in the same council of Trafford Centre, Old Trafford and more. The opportunities in Trafford itself are endless with so many schools, retailers, jobs, houses Bowdon being part of this means it definitely should be considered as a place to look for if you ever feel you have the money to move there.
Atwel James makes the move to areas like this as affordable as possible, and make all our tenants in the area feel happy in the area. We think it is an area perfect for someone also looking for a secure environment as crime rate in the area are also well below the national average.