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Atwel James is a passionate & experienced estate agency in Bolton. We know a rare opportunity is enough for the people to buy or rent a property here. But, this opportunity isn’t remarked by anyone due to the busy schedule. So, with pleasure, we are here to make everything easier. We are bound with the knowledge of commercial and residential properties. We listen to what the customers really say and deliver the service on time. We have a database of customers who are willing to buy a property in Bolton. So, it is easier for us to approach them. This way, we can sell your property in Bolton.

We are also glad to have a wide range of properties for rent. So, no matter if you are looking to rent a property in Bolton because we help you to find the right property.

How Atwel James different from others?

  • We explain the process of buying a property in Bolton.
  • Connect you with the potential buyers.
  • Providing details to buy/let/rent property.
  • Show you the whole property before you opt to buy/rent it.
  • No Hidden Costs for Buying and Selling a Property.
  • Tenants available for seeking Landlords.

Let us take you through the Bolton town

Bolton is one among the largest towns in the country. It is also part of Greater Manchester and has its own council. The large properties in this area are very diverse. Some of them are extremely large and some are smaller. So, to sell  property in Bolton isn’t difficult here, as it also has a population of around 100,000 people.

Bolton has many transport links through buses that travel across local areas including a direct bus to Wigan and Manchester. In addition, one can get the train to Manchester very easily in less than 30 minutes. Bolton is perfect for many as it does have its own high street as well as great restaurants like Akbars.

Bolton is also not short of schools and colleges for students as they are in huge numbers. The area has fairly large demography compared to most areas, especially considering it as not a town and not a part of Greater Manchester. So, anyone is looking to buy  property in Bolton can consider the above benefits. It would definitely fit them and their family.

The population of Bolton according to the 2011 census is Christians. There are many people who are Muslim, Sikh and Hindu in the area, which also gives the sense of diversity there. There is a range of places to worship i.e. mosques, churches, temples etc.

What we observed in Bolton

Atwel James thinks that Bolton is a place where all facilities found just on your finger tips. With a choice of gyms, sports centres, schools, retailers, diners, and cafes, everyone truly likes this place. In addition, how can anyone forget that it is the native place of one of the Britain’s best boxers- Amir Khan!

With areas such as Halliwell, Astley Bridge, Tonge Fold etc. that are best for those who are looking to rent a property in Bolton. The town also has some of the reputable areas such as Lostock, Bromley Cross, Ladybridge etc. that have an array of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants!

If you’re looking for the estate agents in Bolton for buying, renting or selling your property, you’ve come to the right place! Email us at or give us a call at (0161) 232 0944