Blackrod is a one of the more remote areas in Greater Manchester and Bolton with a population of just over 5,000.
For transport, Blackrod has the Blackrod Railway Station on the Manchester to Preston line. However people from Blackrod have the luxury of choosing from two towns to travel too. Two towns for them to work, shop, eat and do pretty much anything you may want to do in a city centre.
In addition to this despite having such a small population, Blackrod has a religious grounding to it as it has a Christian Church, dedicated to St Katharine of Alexandria who is both venerated in the Orthodox and Lutheran Churches as well as the Roman Catholic Church. This can mean the house you are living can feel special as it almost represents the neighbourly atmosphere within Blackrod itself. Where we people all come together and simply see life as something to be happy and about and enjoy which could also have a warming impact for even just the guests coming to visit the area, which is out of the way from the city.
Despite having such a small population, Blackrod has two primary schools, one of which is Anglican and one is a state primary school for young children. There are more than enough high schools nearby too. Furthermore as a result of being on the Preston train line it is not too difficult at all to travel to the University of Central Lancashire.
Overall Atwel James thinks that this is one of the best places to move too for someone in particular looking to live in a quit area but also looking to be near a town rather than a city. It is a serene area for children to grow up in too with such small numbers of crimes taking place in the area. Therefore ensuring that f one was to grow up here, they would certainly feel and be securer here than in most places across the country.