Audenshaw is close to the centre of Manchester and is a very popular place to live. Considering it is one of the smaller areas in Manchester, it is still very highly populated with around 12,000 people living there.
Audenshaw is known for the Audenshaw Reservoirs which are huge a look really stunning on what can often seem like a grey concrete landscape in South Manchester. Many houses have an excellent view of these reservoirs and also the rest of Manchester as it is fairlyhigh up. It is also near the Etihad Stadium which also gives you a great view, and living here would meanyour local football club just so happens to be one of the richest and most competitive clubs internationally which would certainly make your home feel just that little bit more special.
Travelling around Audenshaw and out of the area is special, as bus the bus takes no more than 20 minutes to get to the city centre. It is very easy to get to Ashton Old Road or Ashton New Road from Audenshaw as it runs on the edge of the area and is an extremely straight and flat road made to make it easier for you to get inside the heart of Manchester.
The houses in the area are very diverse, as Audenshaw does not have an abundance of schools house tend to be mixed, sometimes for larger families and some for smaller families looking for a cosy place to live. Its strongest benefit has to be being so close to Manchester as it makes travelling to work easier. It would also mean the options for your children’s education is much more open, because via the roads and public transport from Audenshaw many schools become open to them. In addition a new college, Openshaw College is very near the area and also means that you are not always relying on pubic transport. With a range of shops and a 24 hr Asda nearby it is also seen as a convenient place to live.
Atwel James thinks that Audenshaw should be considered as one of the main places people would like to live in, sine the area is in such a perfect location in terms of access to larger side of Manchester and also to find a beautiful home not too far away from the rest of the city.