Atherton is arguably one of the most scenic, aesthetic and comfortable areas we cover. About 10 miles away from Manchester and just a few miles from Wigan it sits nicely in Lancashire never too far away from the city life. Atherton like many areas has been associated with coal mining in the industrial revolution. The last deep coal mine closed in 1966 and the last working cotton mill in 1999. From Coal Street to high street, Atherton is the 3rd largest shopping area in the borough of Wigan, considering its population is only around 22,000, this is shows how great its high street is.
The area is fit for people looking to enter or continue their efforts in local markets and retail as 20% of those employed in the area work in retail or wholesale trade. In addition, Atwel James thinks it is fair to call them successful as the average number of car per household is 1.02 compared to Manchester’s 0.93. Furthermore alongside the quality andquantity of vehicles in the area the houses are gorgeous since it would seem a successful area. Prices are not too high either as it is fairly low-keyarea compared to a city area, making it more attractive option to look towards.
There are also public transport links fromAtherton to Wigan and Manchester Piccadilly. It takes no more than 20 minute on the train to reach Manchester Piccadilly, which takes you to the rest of the country. Furthermore its buses aremainly operated by Stagecoach and First ensuring you can use the same us pass as you would here and in Manchester or Liverpool.
Atherton also has numerous schools for children. Around 7 or 8 local primary schools are situated in the area and secondary schools in local areas like Astley and Leigh. Furthermore travel links make it easy to reach colleges around Lancashire and Manchester, since the journey to Manchester from Atherton is shorter than in other local areas.
Atwel James considers Atherton to be a very picturesque area to live and strongly suited for all peoples needs of all ages, especially for family who wants to settle down and get a comfortable and exciting community and town like feel in the area. Houses in the area are all very formidable and are at great value.