Astley is based half way between Manchester and Wigan. 8 miles separates it from Manchester city centre and also the centre of Wigan. It is conveniently placed in an area that is quiet but makes it extremely easy for professionals to commute to Manchester. With a population of around 11,000 it is never too congested either despite it seemingly feel like a very urban area too live in.
It has the A580/East Lancs road, which leads directly to Manchester and Liverpool. Transport in the area is extremely convenient too, if you do not drive, with bus services operating to frequently to different areas; including Bolton, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, Wigan and local areas. Furthermore as these buses are operated by Stagecoach and First you can use the same bus pass as you could locally as you would do in Manchester. Therefore, no property ever feels quite out of touch from the large world in Manchester if you are in Astley.
In addition, Astley has 4 primary schools in the area as well as a successfulsecondary school, St Mary’s Catholic High School. This means that despite being 8 miles away from Manchester, children still have great access to education ready for the world in the future.
The area can also be considered to be of great convenience as The closest hospital is less than several miles away as is the local police station less than 1.5 miles away, which would really help anyone in the area to feel extremely secure
Atwel James thinks it would be a nice area to live in as it is an area simply making life easier, as it offers the ease to travel easily to and from work with also the houses built for large or small families. In this area it can be very easy to find a nice house and road to live on as you are never too distant from anything when in Astley.