Abram is an ideal village for someone who wants to live in a quiet area but also ensuring you are never out of touch from the high street if you needed it. It is located near the centre of Wigan.
The public transport in Abram is excellent with buses running to and from Wigan and Manchester; as well as a nearby train station around 3 miles away.
Abram being a fairly remote area means that it is never too crowded with a population less than 10,000 (according to the 2011 census), you are more likely to find some large and attractive houses.
Historically Abram was an area used for coal mining and as a result the roads are very flat making it feel very simply to travel around the area on foot or on a bicycle if you do not fancy the car. The flat roads make it that much easier to go your store or local.
Furthermore, though the miners have left nearly a century ago, it meant houses were built for many and the community has prospered greatly ever since, making Abram a very attractive for anyone searching for a house.
In addition, near to Abram is the Winstanley College, which has consistently been ranked in the top 3 colleges in the North West annually, with their students achieving outstanding results at A-Level.
So, if you are looking for the best education for your growing your child or looking for a quiet to area to live in whilst never being too far from a major city like Manchester, Abram could definitely be an option. Despite being small in size, it is undoubtedly huge in its appeal.
Atwel James