Higher End, the name of an area which offers more beautiful houses than it does cheesy puns. The area has a population of only about 7,000 people but it is one of the most comfortable, quiet areas to live in, especially since it is fairly remote.
Trains can be accessed from the nearby train station of Orrell. It makes extremely swift to get to the Wigan town centre, Manchester and also Kirkby. Houses in the area are very Victorian with houses away from the street. The area has no major retailer but only a supermarket. It thrives on local businesses which gives it this unique social cohesion. The fact that it is much based much an area revolving around local business perhaps contributes to its significantly low crime rates in comparison to the rest of the region.
Next to Higher End and gives young people in the area access to one of the best colleges in the North West in Winstanley College. Higher End is much closer to Wigan and Manchester than people often think because it is so peaceful, but in reality the area is about 20 minutes from Manchester and Wigan.
Atwel James sees it as a place for people to go too with smaller families as the houses are usually bedroom houses but with great living space. In addition, though there area handful of local primary and high schools, Higher End is very much a gateway community that makes life easier and gives you the permission to relax at night after a day’s work outside of the area.