Heaton Norris has a reputation of being a place of socialising with the local community at the local pub, especially after the BBC comedy dram Sunshine was oftenfilmed in the famous Nursery Inn, in the area. What once used to be an area centuries ago with great mills are now some of the most illustrious houses in Manchester.
The quality of life in the area is above par and everything feels local in the area. It also home to Stockport County Football club on the border, which is always supported by the locals each week and with a low budget is one of the of the top 100 teams in England by playing League One football, which for its size is successful. It also is he home of all the people in the Stockport districts.
Heaton Norris is useful to people who drive as the M60 runs and is accessible through this area, taking you to Warrington, Liverpool and around Manchester in no time at all and can often be quicker than the trains themselves. In addition being around 7km south of St. Ann’s Square in Manchester is also impressive as it never takes too long to get to Manchester at all!
Atwel James sees Heaton Norris as really as the suburban area, similar to the other 3 Heaton’s, as a classy residential area that makes getting to work in the city really is. It is open to nature with its stunning Stockport Viaduct and the River Mersey as well as all the parks. With Heaton Norris, fi there was any guarantee, it would be that the neighbours are friendly and a trip to the local pub will always be enjoyable, without a doubt!